Meme Grinder #9 – Religion & Racism.

Interesting prediction.

James Bishop's Theological Rationalism


I am often grateful to people (atheist comedians) like Chris O’Dowd who provide ample ammunition for their theistic counterparts. It is usually rather straightforward to refute illogical statements and it shall be  our purpose here to review his claim in light of the facts.

Just the Facts!

In a recent article (from which the meme quotes) we have O’Dowd suggesting that religion is unacceptable and will one day be analogous to racism (1). However, this is simply absurd considering the facts. What I feel this quote suggests is that religion will one day become hush-hush & unacceptable like racism is today (well, at least in some places). Yet we find that O’Dowd’s belief is detached from reality.

For a start a study by the Center for the Study of Global Christianity suggests that religion is growing and atheism is declining (2). For instance, in 1970 there were around 165 500…

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