Dear Planned Parenthood,

Opportunistic baby killers never miss a chance to deflect public attention from their utter depravity.


To you who go to shocking extremes to justify your lucrative abortion business, know this:

12301533_10153296424004639_6555583029321986124_nWe deplore your violence against the most innocent among us.

We reject your attempts to dehumanize children for financial gain.

We fight the immoral and unconstitutional legislation that has lead to the deaths of 3000+ of our fellow
citizens daily for the past 40 years.

We demand an end to the barbaric practices which dismember, chemically poison, and snuff out the lives of inconvenient and unwanted people. If honestly describing your business is “incendiary” then the problem is not “rhetoric,” but your practices themselves.

We aren’t going anywhere. Those of us who truly believe that all people are created equal and who hate injustice, especially against the vulnerable, will never cease to cry out against your appalling practices until ever clinic door is closed.

As we stand against you, we will continue to promote…

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