Heal Wants To Be The ‘Uber’ For Doctors Making House Calls

Remember when doctors used to make house calls? Those days may be coming back.


These days you can take yourself to the doctor or teleport the doctor to you from a mobile device Now Heal, a startup out of Los Angeles, wants to take us back to an era of old-fashioned house calls by ‘ubering’ a doctor to your door.

We’ve written about marijuana delivery services that will ‘uber’ over a doctor to you for “insomnia” and other needs for weed, but Heal sends the traditional kind of medical doctor, complete with black bag, stethoscope and other portable, hi-tech gadgets.

Heal founder Dr. Renee Dua, a board certified kidney specialist, came up with the idea after spending a long night in the ER for her infant son’s cold. “It was awful. When your kid is sick you need a simple way to get a doctor fast,” she said. Unfortunately for Dr. Dua, there weren’t any pediatricians available at the hospital that night and she had to sit around…

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