Sexualizing Children for Profit? Why Albertans must say “NO”

“Every well thinking adult must be vigilant and must stand as a gatekeeper to our children’s development.”

informed albertans

For far too long we have allowed one perspective to dominate the discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation policies and legislation in our schools.

We continue to be told by our elected officials and through the media that these policies will save lives and protect our most vulnerable youth.

But please consider the bigger picture for a moment.

We know from watching many other places in the world that there is a strikingly methodical and predictable pattern: legislation and school policies implemented under the claims of “protection”, “inclusion”, “equal rights” and “anti-bullying”, and then the introduction of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) resources into classrooms.

We have seen it play out in Ontario, across the United States, in Australia, across Europe and elsewhere.

Why such an aggressive campaign locally, nationally and internationally to legislate a removal of parental involvement in our schools, followed by imposing specific sexuality materials onto children, even…

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