ATA Editorial Response, Part 2

When ideologues have an agenda to push, they rely on “experts” whose own “credentials” may be highly suspect.

informed albertans

There are many reasons I take issue with the editorial written recently in the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) News.  Last week I wrote about some of my concerns and today I will address two more, one questioning Jonathan Teghtmeyer’s source of information and another focused on his claims regarding parental notification.

Mr. Teghtmeyer, the ATA News Editor-in-Chief, refers to the Calgary Sexual Health Centre’s website in order to dispel “myths”.  This site is often referred to by those who promote Alberta Education’s Guidelines document.

However, is the Calgary Sexual Health Centre really the best authority to provide so-called “accurate” information on this topic?

Interestingly, Calgary Sexual Health Centre has significant links to Planned Parenthood, an organization in the United States which is:

  1. rapidly expanding their paid services to include providing hormone therapy for transgender people
  2. becoming increasingly allied with LGBTQ lobby groups.
  3. part of IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation)…

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