Matthew Block: It’s a bad time to be religious in Canada

Is “freedom of religion” now to be mandatory “freedom from religion”?

National Post

[np_storybar title=”John Ivison: 25 recommendations in just-released terror report look a lot like the Tory re-election platform” link=””]

The Conservative-dominated Senate security and defence committee has chosen early July to issue a report, knocking more traditional summer fare like Wimbledon and death-trap vegetable gardens from the headlines.

The news is not just that senators are still in the country after Canada Day — it’s that the interim report has 25 weighty recommendations that look to me very much like the Conservative Party’s re-election platform.

Much of the attention thus far has been lavished upon the call to introduce training and certification for imams, in an attempt to combat extremism.
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News that a Senate Committee wants government to oversee “the training and certification of imams” is disappointing but not, perhaps, surprising. No one denies the need for government to take steps to protect people from the threat of…

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