Children as Collateral Damage

“As SSM becomes more common, the consequent physical and psychological effects on children and the vulnerability of the unborn will become more apparent.”


The SCOTUS decision legalizing same sex marriage is a diabolical attack against families and children, here’s why:

1. Once SS couples are given legal recognition to marry, many owners of businesses and institutions who will refuse to cater to SSM couples, on grounds of religious belief, can be hauled off to court, be meted out heavy fines and even lose their respective sources of income. This will affect the well-being of their respective families because it creates financial instability at home and when there is financial instability, children are the first to suffer. It has already happened in some states and is expected to get worse as more homosexual couples demand for these services.

2. The rise in homosexuals getting married will also spurn an increase in (underground) surrogate pregnancies that will cater to homosexual couples wanting their own children rather than adopting. SSM couples will choose, based on sperm and…

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