Compelling Calgarian — Michael Sikorsky

“There’s this great quote from a gentleman, Benedict Evans, and he’s basically saying you can’t disconnect the future of technology from the future of mobile.” — Michael Sikorsky

Calgary Herald

If there is any occupation more suited to Michael Sikorsky, he has yet to find it.

“I’m one of those weird people, I always knew I wanted to be in the software business,” explained Sikorsky, the CEO and co-founder of Robots and Pencils Inc. “I love software; I kind of have a problem how much I love it.

“But I’m lucky that I actually got to live it. It’s like someone says ‘I dreamed of being a basketball player’ and then they actually are. I dreamed to have this and I do, so I feel very fortunate.”

Since 2008, Robots and Pencils has become a leader in the development of smartphone apps to the tune of 250 apps being used by 77 million people worldwide.

“Everyone is competing for your attention, so you actually have to make a compelling product so that claim on their attention holds you there,” pointed…

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