How Twitter Is Beautiful, Terrible and Addictive All at Once

I joined Twitter in March 2007. For breaking news, nothing beats it.


Of all the apps and services I’ve ever signed up for, the only one I remember plugging my username into for the first time is Twitter. It was May 2007, and I was about to quit a job full of people I loved working with to move across the country and go it alone as a freelancer.

Still relatively new, the 140-character messaging system was originally dreamt up as a small group SMS service, and that’s how I intended to use it. I told my friends to join Twitter so that during my cross-country drive, I could regale them with my hilarious observations and updates.

No one signed up — not even my family.

Funny enough, it wasn’t for another another seven months that I made my first post on Twitter, but I’m reminded of this…

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