Selfies For Burgers, The ‘Bank Of Apple’ And The Weird Future Of Payments

If your business doesn’t support e-payments, don’t sell to millennials.


Editor’s note: Ralph Dangelmaier is the CEO of BlueSnap.

McDonald’s, in an act of desperation good will, has been letting some customers pay for meals with selfies, hugs, high fives and other forms of “Lovin.’” Yes, millennials have such low regard for McDonald’s that the brand is one step shy of paying people to eat its food. But this publicity stunt also embodies the “weirdness” that millennials bring to everything financial.

If millennials really could exchange money with a selfie, many of them would do it. Business can kowtow all they want to millennial values and culture in their marketing, but change must take place at checkout, too. Businesses need to adapt their payment experiences to the millennials.

The Bank of Apple

The millennials’ shifting expectations for payments isn’t simply a story about new technology – culture is a major factor, too. It’s well-documented that millennials hate the banks…

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