Saskatoon doctor worried about Supreme Court assisted suicide ruling

Oh, what a slippery slope we’re on!

Global News

Watch above: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon and a local doctor have concerns over the recent Supreme Court ruling on assisted suicide.

SASKATOON –  One Saskatoon doctor is worried about the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling last week that opens the door to physician assisted suicide. Dr. Philip Fitzpatrick, a family doctor and ER physician, says it flies in the face of doctors’ commitment not to cause harm to patients.

“This is a bit of a red line because as physicians we’re not supposed to be partaking in anything that might harm our patients,” he told Global News. “Definitely for me participating in an assisted suicide would be harming my patient – even a referral for that would make me culpable for that.”

READ MORE: Supreme Court strikes down Canada’s assisted suicide laws

While the ban against physician assisted suicide will stay in place for a year, Fitzpatrick says…

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