Around the Web (Part 2)

So much to take in, and yet…


Check out these recent articles from around the web:

The Right Preempts the Pope by Michael Sean Winters: “I have had my problems over the years with dissent against Church teaching when it came from the Left. But, I do not recall these kinds of organized, preemptive efforts to short-circuit papal teaching in advance of the arrival of that teaching.”

Boko Haram Just Committed Its Most Horrific Act of Terrorism Yet by Jessica Schulberg: “Locals say that militants razed 16 towns with petrol bombs and shot indiscriminately at civilians. As of Thursday, dozens of people are confirmed dead, 2,000 are missing, and an estimated 30,000 are displaced.”

Hip-Hop, My First Love by Olga Segura: “Hip-hop might be mistaken by many for loud, unintelligible songs dedicated to drugs, sex and violence. For my fellow ‘hip-hop heads’ and me, however, there is another side, the side that emphasizes solidarity…

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