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Real conversations help us become more fully human.

The God Who Understands Me

A few of my clients call it the Look. They direct the Look at someone, not in order to see a person, but because they want a ‘hit’ or a ‘fix,’ a way of escape from pain or boredom or drudgery. Another client uses the term Body Parts. He looks at a woman, and what he sees could be legs, or breasts, or feet. He might occasionally remember something as personal as a voice or a smile, but more often he is focused on the anticipated pleasure of being swept away into a fantasy world where he ‘gets what he wants.’ In various branches of academia over the last 60 years we know the Look as the ‘objectifying gaze,’ and it is a means of exerting control over others. People can be unpredictable and unreliable, but not if we objectify them, not if we break them down into things like…

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