Crap, Damned Crap, and Big Data

Liliendahl on Data Quality

Lately Jim Harris made a thought provoking post on the Mike2 blog. The post is called A Contrarian’s View of Unstructured Data.

Herein Jim wrote:

“My contrarian’s view of unstructured data is that it is, in large part, gigabytes of gossip and yottabytes of yada yada digitized, rumors and hearsay amplified by the illusion-of-truth effect and succumbing to the perception-is-reality effect until the noise amplifies so much that its static solidifies into a signal.”

Indeed, the sound of social data may be like that. Yesterday I wrote a post called Keep It Real, Stupid. Herein I mentioned an apparently fake quote by Albert Einstein saying:

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.

Today I tried to see how the fake quote was doing on Twitter.

OMG: Going on more than one tweet per minute along with some mutations of the quote saying:


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