Steve Adam: 9-3 should be the new 9-5

A 21st-century take on “work-life balance” from someone who lives what he preaches.

Brain Balloon Blog

9 to 5 is stuck in our heads as the typical workday. I’m not sure if it’s Dolly Parton’s song and 1980 smash hit movie that burned this into our psyche but 8 hours is what we expect to spend at work. I actually think, for the last few decades, it is probably closer to 8 to 5. But either way, it’s nice to see this work-day idea dying off, at least in the office environment (retail and consumer services like restaurants don’t fit well in this description). Consider these things:

  • Most professional adults don’t need to be babysat at work by a manager since tablets, smartphones, and collaboration software (dropbox, SharePoint, Skype, Salesforce,…) make communication and access to work a 24/7 option;
  • People are not spending all their time at work working anyway. A lot of the time there just aren’t things that need to be done at the…

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