Brian Jean: ‘Here for Albertans’? Not if he insults concerned parents.

If you care at all about parental rights in Alberta, don’t vote for Brian Jean.

informed albertans

Brian Jean, here for AlbertansDear Brian Jean,

A couple days ago I published a letter on my blog that I wrote to you in January 2017 following a meeting we had together.

In that letter I had offered you an opportunity to clarify several statements you made at our meeting, which I found deeply concerning.

Your staffers promised me a reply. I followed up by email. And by phone.

But nine months have gone by. And a reply never came. Not even a form letter.

Since I published the letter publicly, have you tried to finally offer some response of clarification or a reason for the oversight? 


In fact, here is a comment someone posted publicly on Facebook:

Brian Jean response to my letterIf this was actually written by you or your team then you have proven, yet again, that you are totally unwilling to address the legitimate concerns of Albertans when it comes to the education of…

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Brian Jean: A letter unanswered

“Now, more than ever, we need a leader who will consistently prioritize the education of our next generation without faltering or wavering in his commitment to ensure the highest standard of care for our children.”

informed albertans

A letter unanswered Brian Jean

Rarely have I felt so belittled and disrespected. After volunteering hundreds upon hundreds of hours defending our families and our freedoms against government overreach, Mr. Jean had the audacity to tell me to my face that “you need to do more” – suggesting he still won’t take a stand for our children!  

Those were the words I sent to a friend, shortly after an hour-long meeting with Brian Jean, MLA Leela Aheer and three Wildrose staffers on January 27th, 2017.

I never wrote anything publicly about that meeting. There didn’t seem to be a point in sharing about such an unproductive hour.

That is, until now.

On October 28th members of the United Conservative Party (UCP) will vote for a new leader, a person who could potentially become the next premier of this province.

And it is essential that people are as informed as possible when…

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Be aware of media manipulation: Who benefits?

Have We Killed God? Atheism & What it Means For us.

So, which shall it be? The Blue Pill, or the Red Pill?

James Bishop's Theological Rationalism

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.15.34 PM.png Image Credit: QuoteFancy.

Bertrand Russell once said that if atheism was true we’d have no choice but to build our lives upon “the firm foundation of unyielding despair” (1).

There is little more the atheist can do but to face the absurdity of existence and to live bravely in the face of it. It is this existence that the atheist philosopher Albert Camus referred to as “nausea.” Camus struggled deeply with the idea of the absurdity of life and of human existence, an existence that forces us to live within an uncaring, indifferent world. A colleague of Camus, a philosopher by the name Jean Paul Sartre, discovered that “If God does not exist… man is in consequence forlorn, for he cannot find anything to depend upon, either within or outside himself” (2). Equally as depressive was the French biochemist Jacques Monod who in his book Chance and Necessity wrote that man has finally come to…

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Don’t Look Now, But…

“The media run away from Christian martyrs because they are a powerful witness to the Christian faith.”



When 22 people died outside a concert hall in Manchester, England, the media coverage was wall to wall.  The cry went up that something must be done! Journalists followed the investigation.  Press briefings were scheduled regularly. With broken hearts, we pored over color photographs of the victims, many of them only children, and we listened to bystanders describe their horror.  The world grieved as the story unfolded for a week.

Five days later, 29 Christians in Egypt died when terrorists attacked their bus. Forty-two others were seriously injured and the assassins got away.  That story vanished in less than 48 hours.  No color photos.  No interviews with authorities. No tragic details.

Here’s what you probably never heard.  The Christian group of parents, grandparents, and children were traveling in two buses to pray at a monastery. Their vehicles were stopped by terrorists outside the town of Minya.  After the buses were…

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Disappointed yet grateful: A day at the Legislature

“…a commitment was made to table the letters and then that commitment was withdrawn with little notice or explanation”

informed albertans

bringing binders to Legislature02

Thank you to MLA Leela Aheer for her kind words of introduction welcoming me as a guest in the Legislature this afternoon. I have included a transcript and video below:

It is also with pleasure that I am going to introduce to you Theresa and Daniel Ng. Theresa is the parent who brought our attention in the inappropriate links the provincial GSA coordinator website. Her vigilance in advocacy resulted in the links being removed from the website. I would like to congratulate Theresa for her efforts on behalf of all Albertans. We owe her a debt of gratitude for her careful attention. Later today I will be tabling the names of 2, 700 of those Albertans who stand for the protection of all children. With Theresa today is her son Daniel. I thank Theresa for bringing Daniel to remind us all in this Assembly that it is the children like…

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Reinstalling macOS changed with 10.12.4

If you have to reinstall macOS…

The Eclectic Light Company

Over a month after the release of macOS Sierra 10.12.4, Apple quietly let slip the news that it changed macOS Recovery modes, including the startup key combinations used to enter them. Full details are given here, in a Knowledgebase article dated 3 May 2017.

If your Mac is running a version of macOS/OS X prior to 10.12.4 and supports Recovery mode, the available modes and their reinstall behaviour remains unchanged:

  • start up into local Recovery mode using Command-R, and if you reinstall macOS you will get the same version as is currently installed on your Mac;
  • start up into remote Recovery mode using Command-Option-R, and if you reinstall macOS you will get the original version which shipped with your Mac, and will then need to update that to any later version.

There are now effectively three different Recovery modes, which behave differently depending on whether your Mac is running…

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